How To Save GIF from Twitter The Right Way

You did try to right-click to save  GIF from twitter, and the option is not there! Didn’t you?

Well, this method still works on other websites when we try to save GIFs the usual way.

But on Twitter, the GIF is an embedded .mp4 video file, and that because twitter converts any uploaded GIF automatically to a video file.

The main reason behind this technique is that Twitter want to increase loading times.

For that we need to depend on other tools to indirectly save GIF to our phones or computers.

In this post, we will try working with options to save GIF from twitter for android, and computers the right way! With just a few steps.

Save GIF From Twitter to your phone

For fellow smartphone users, you can use websites like EZGIF to save GIFs directly to your phone through web browsers like google chrome or default browser.

But first, open Twitter app and navigate to the GIF that you want to save. Click on the arrow  and then choose the option “copy link to Tweet.”

Now navigate to the website:

Select video to GIF option, and then past the Tweet URL you copied earlier, then click Upload video

 save a GIF from twitter

You’ll see an Convert to gif button, click on it and then you can save you GIF the regular way to your phone.

Android app

In addition to the EZGIF method, a lot of users tend to use dedicated apps for saving twitter GIFs, I find Tweet2GIF an excellent way to grab my favorite GIFs with few clicks.

Downloading GIFs is easier with Tweet2GIF, why? Because you don’t have to convert files and then download like EZGIF’s site, you only need to click the convert button once to gain access to your GIF.

All you have to do is copy the link, paste it within the app “Use the Clipboard” feature, save the GIF to your library.

First, launch the Twitter app on your Android.

Select the GIF and then press the arrow available at the top right corner, then choose the option “copy link to Tweet.”

Now open the Tweet2gif app in your android device and press “paste” option.

Now press the “download” button, and you can save the file either in GIF format or in MP4 format in your device.

IOS app

To get GIFs on IOS devices, GIFwrapped is a free app for collecting and sharing GIFs right from your iPhone or iPad, and of course the option to save GIFs from twitter on your phone.

The app is compatible with all iOS 9 and later versions and has its own library within, so you can easily organize and share GIFs with the built-in share feature.

Open Twitter app in your iOS device and press the “Copy link to Tweet” option for the GIF you want to save.

Once you’ve done this  open GIFwrapped and press the “search” tab and then tap on “use the clipboard option.”

Now press the GIF file and select “share” option, then in the menu option just select “save to library.”

Press the Library tab and then tap on the video you’ve saved, then again press the “share” button.

Now select the option “save to files” and select that particular folder where you want to save it.

How to Save GIFs from Twitter on Computer

There’s no better way to download GIFs on a computer than using a browser extension.

With 53,692 active users, Twitter Video Assist is a great extension that converts and saves MP4 video to GIF animated pictures, with just one click!

When accessing twitter, you’ll notice a new button to download the GIF.

The extension is also available for both google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If somehow the extension method doesn’t work for you, then I suggest you download the embedded video from Twitter, then convert it to GIF format, this way, you can keep preventing losing the GIF quality, and the original resolution.


It is silly from twitter to block saving options for their GIFs and to lock them in a video format. But we understand the need to speed up loading time and give a better user experience, as GIFs can slow down navigation and browsing, especially when the wifi signal or the internet connexion is terrible, still, thanks to online tools and twitter dedicated  apps, we can grab any GIF and have them within our devices.

In the end, there are various ways to save GIFs to your preferred device, but we covered the ones that work and simple to use, Let comments below and tell us what method do you use to grab those sweet GIFs out there!

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