Best 5 PowerPoint Alternatives for 2019

Let’s face it,alternatives-for-powerpoint-2019

You know it’s going to be a bad day,
When you get STUCK with Microsoft Powerpoint errors.

Hanging, freezing or not responding tabs?

It’s time to try these Powerpoint alternatives
That I’m gonna show you down below.

Let’s dive right in.

We have summed up the Best Alternatives for PowerPoint that we think they would be the perfect fit for your next presentation:


PowerPoint Alternatives 2019

Emaze is a free online presentation tool used by millions of people.
It’s great is for those who want to create an eye-catching presentation within minutes.

What makes Emaze unique is a simple-to-use editor.
It runs on any browser and device.

Also, it can give you the option to Import existing presentations from PowerPoint
And automatically convert them to Emaze templates.

Here’s a brief video for some of Emaze’s features:

Also, Emaze has hundreds of professionally designed templates.
Wishes make it one of the best (if not the best) Free Alternatives of Powerpoint in the market.

PowerPoint Alternatives 2019


Canva’s free presentation software is probably the easiest tool to use.

You can create a beautifully designed presentation white a couple of mouse clicks.

You can also choose from professionally designed layouts or simply create your own.

The cool thing about Canva is they’ve got a free stock image, graphics, and illustrations.

PowerPoint Alternatives 2019


This one is unique.

Prezi is great for animated, non-linear presentations.
It has a nice feature called ‘’Zoom Reveal function’’

Wishes allow you to create awesome zoom animations to show more detail:

All we could say that they took ‘’presentations’’ to a whole new level.

PowerPoint Alternatives 2019

4•Google Slides

Google did a great job (like always) by providing such a fantastic app like Google Slides.

Fast execution, runs in your browser and completely FREE!

The one thing that makes Google slides stand out Is the real-time collaboration system.
What’s that?

By sharing your presentation, you have the option to allow others to add their notes, graphics or anything you want in your presentation.


Everything PowerPoint can do, Focusky can do better.PowerPoint Alternatives 2019
Way better!

Thanks to The user-friendly interface of Focusky.

Making awesome presentation never been so easy.

Focusky’s Royalty-free Vector Resources (5000+) Will help you create gorgeous presentations within minutes.


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