4 [Fast] Ways to Download Embedded Video Using Browser

It’s 2019 now 😀 , embedded videos are everywhere!
For work, education, or entertainment purpose, videos are a trendy way to exchange pieces of information and content nowadays.
Plenty of webpages are starting to include embedded videos in their articles. With that, a lot of users try to find away on how to download embedded video, to save it for another watch later time, or to add the video to their favorite collection.
Unlike youtube and other favorite video streaming websites, you can’t save or download this type of videos the usual way, but with this article, you can try easy tools that will help you get any embedded video from any webpage online.

Using a browser extension 

Browser extensions are by far the easiest and fastest way to download embedded videos. Both google chrome and firefox have a variety of extension to help users grab embedded videos from any website, more less for other browsers like safari, opera, 
Within dozens of extensions out there, We’ve found two extensions that work great, fast and super easy to use, let’s see how to use them.

Chrome extension

Stream Video Downloader Is a recently updated extension (November 25, 2018) that works great for google chrome. This tool is used by 219,354 users and has 1,412 reviews with 4.5 stars according to google store.


We’ve tested it in several types of embedded videos with a different format, on a bunch of websites and the results are pleasing.
After installing the extension into your browser, you can use it by accessing any webpage that has some embedded video in it. After that, you’ll see the extension icon turns from inactive (gray-no video detected ) to active (green-video available for download)


And click on the green icon to see which video you want to download.

Firefox extension

With 597,439 active users, Flash Video Downloader is by far the most popular extension for downloading embedded videos using firefox.
Besides website embedded video download options, this tool will give you access to download from youtube, facebook and even downloading mp3 format.



Using Online tools

Another way to download video content is using an online tool. Most online tools will give you the option to download only from popular websites, and they provide as well the opportunity to convert videos.


Great tool that works on a variety of web pages containing embedded videos. If you’re familiar with online converting tools, then you shouldn’t have difficulty using this website.
Copy the video’s URL and past it into the box, wait a couple of moment until the video gets processed, then select the quality you want, a download icon should appear next.
but the thing is you have to find the video link every time you want to use this tool, and this why browser extension and software may be convenient for you.

Using Windows software


IDM (internet download manager) is a windows software to speed up downloading any file type to your computer. IDM has a great browser extension that works both on firefox and chrome, by using it you can’t only download zip files and pdf, but you can also download embedded video online with one click and many quality options.
When you activate the extension in your browser, an icon will appear on top of the video you’re willing to download, you can hit the button, and a small popup will appear showing you the video size and destination folder to save it.
We find this software very useful especially when we use it to download from youtube, facebook and a lot of other web pages across the internet.

Using the Video screen recorder

If nothing of the above option worked for you (wish it should), don’t worry, the screen recording option will save your day.
We don’t recommend using screen recording on embedded or any type of videos in general, due to the inferior quality you’ll get after capturing the original video. Still, it is better to use this method for a short video, and if you don’t care about the video quality, you safe to give it a go.
There’s various software to record screen videos, but to save time and disk space, You can use a google chrome extension to quickly capture the screen, save, edit and share the video after done recording.



Among numbers of screen recording extension, Screencastify is the simplest and yet, the most accessible tool to record embedded videos. You don’t even need internet access to get it working (works offline).
With Screencastify ‘s free version you can record up to 10 min of video, will the premium version will give you unlimited recording option.


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