Adblock vs Adblock plus – Which One to Choose?

Adblock vs Adblock plus and How they Work


Adblock or Ad Blocking tools, in general, are applications, plugins or browser extensions that built to stop popups and advertising content from showing on certain web pages.

While a certain person is using an ad blocking tool (Adblock vs Adblock plus 2019 browser extension for example) on a given webpage, the first thing that Adblock does is analyzing the site and its script to look for a match with a list of sites and script that the actual tool was built to block in the first place. Make sense? Cool.

So what shows up after blocking an ad?

It really depends on the adblocker extension you’re using, after removing and blocking the ad, tools like Adblock or Adblock plus will not replace the removed ad with anything, some ad blockers will show blank space, others will replace ad space with broken links.

Blocking ads? it is illegal?

Adblock was and still a completely legal material to us despite a lot of gossips, According to An article published by Adblock plus blog in 2015, declaring that the adblocking is legal, and telling users how Adblock plus was taken to court.

In fact, a group of publishers in Hamburg, Germany was so upset that they actually took Adblock Plus to court.

Today, after a four-month trial, reasonable heads prevailed as the regional court in Hamburg ruled in our favor by declaring that ad blocking is, in fact, perfectly legal. I know, it’s restating the obvious. But it cost us lots of blood, sweat, and tears nonetheless.


Is it safe to use AdBlock? Does AdBlock steal information?

Today, millions of people are using Adblock, and I can say the tool has maintained a good reputation over the years.

Yet, some users may be uncertain whether this kind of adblocking tool can collect private data and information, knowing that Adblock runs a paid whitelisting program called “Acceptable Ads” that lets some ads and tracking scripts through.

Adblock talked in this article about the information collected, in addition to the permissions AdBlock requests, you can learn more about that in their privacy policy.

Adblock vs Adblock Plus

Adblock plus was created and built by a group of coders to provide an open source extension with cleaner, ad-free browsing experience.The extension was only available on firefox earlier, but due to the success and growth, it’s now available for most internet browsers, including google chrome, opera, safari, and others.

On the other hand, Adblock came after Adblock Plus, and it was created by an individual coder, unlike Adblock plus. Today, the extension is available on all browser after it was only accessible by google chrome users.

After knowing much about both versions, we’re going to compare both Adblock and Adblock plus.

Adblock vs Adblock plus Features

Adblock and Adblock Plus both share pretty much the same features, they even use the same ad filter, EasyList.

This EasyList filter is owned by Adblock Plus creators, that allow the appearance of ‘acceptable ads’, which means if one extension blocks an ad, the other will block it too. On the contrary, if one extension let an ad pass through, they both will.

adblock’s blog

Fundamentally, The two extension provide warnings of the infected domains, as well as whitelists and blacklists and more detailed reports.

Still, the main advantage that Adblock add over Adblock plus is the option to block any site page element by just right-click on it and select block element.

With that said, Adblock is slightly efficient with the ability to block webpage elements, other than that, both Adblock and Adblock plus are alike.

Adblock vs Adblock plus Performance and Usability

Adblock and Adblock plus are designed and programmed to give their users the best browsing experience online. Both extensions are user-friendly, one-click installation, and you don’t really have to do anything to get the blocking process starting.

Besides, you can add extra websites URL to the whitelist and blacklist by clicking the icon that appears in the top right corner of the browser, you’ll see also some pieces of information, like the number of blocked ads and more.

You can also turn the extension on or off by clicking the same icon.Ultimately, both are very simple to use, despite the fact that Adblock plus will show you exactly the number of blocked ads on a certain webpage, unlike Adblock.

Adblock vs Adblock plus for mobile

In addition to the PC version of Adblock & Adblock plus, an Android and Ios versions are available for mobile and tablet users.

For Android, You can install the app directly from the play storeFor IOS users, an Adblock plus app is available completely free on Apple’s App Store, here’s an article on how to set it up on your device.

Adblock vs Adblock plus  Reviews

So What people got to say about Adblock & Adblock plus?


10,000,000+ users with 291,066 review


 Adblock plus

10,000,000+ users with 167,903



Do I have to pay for AdBlock?

Adblock and Adblock plus are two great tools that doing a great favor to the most of internet users, giving the opportunity to control their web browsing experience with advertising web content, all for free.

With this free service, the tool developers say that Adblock & Adblock plus are supported entirely by users donation, so no, you don’t have to pay a single dollar to use this tool.


To sum up, both Adblock and Adblock Plus have proven to be the most efficient well-performing adblockers for both mobile and PC users. with a slight difference with Adblock’s ability to block webpage elements, still, Both tools are similar in their features, usability, design and overall performance.

In the end, it is better to try both Adblock and Adblock and then decides what works best for you.


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